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Absorb Rain With Rain Gardens
Absorb rain by planting rain gardens on your property.
What is a Rain Garden?  A rain garden is simply a landscaped area planted with wildflowers or other native vegetation that soaks up rain water.  Most are designed to catch rain from the roof of a building, however they can intercept water running off of any surface - a driveway, a yard, a sidewalk and more.  

What Are the Benefits of a Rain Garden?  After a rain, the garden collects the water that would otherwise runoff.  The water then slowly filters into the ground rather than leaving the site through a storm drain or ditch, or entering a surface water like a lake.  

Why Reduce Stormwater Runoff?  
     Stormwater increases chances of flooding
     Stormwater carries pollutants from streets/ lawns to lakes
     Stormwater treatment by municipalities is costly
     Stormwater infiltration can recharge groundwater
Is there assistance available?  
Yes!      We would be glad to help you!

Do you need help determining a good location for a rain garden? Or deciding how big of a rain garden is needed?  How about selecting the right plants?  Staff from one of the three Soil and Water Conservation Districts in the Mille Lacs Lake Watershed will visit with you at your property to discuss these issues and more.

How about paying for the rain garden?  We may be able to help with that too.  There is occasionally cost share assistance available through grants received by the MLLWMG.  

Give us a call for more information or to set up a site visit!
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Mille Lacs SWCD   (320) 983-2160
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