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Capture Rain with Rain Barrels
Capture rain around your property in Rain Barrels
Rain barrels are available in numerous designs and styles.  Installing one on your property allows you to capture and recycle rain water, while protecting surface water like lakes, streams, and wetlands.  Runoff will be controlled and potential erosion halted!

The Mille Lacs Lake Watershed Management Group recently wrapped up a Rain Barrel Incentive Program.  Interested shoppers were able to get 50% off the price of a rain barrel, not to exceed $ 50.  This means that a
 $ 100 rain barrel would only cost $ 50.  You select the design you want, install it to capture and recycle rain water and protect surface water while controlling runoff and potential erosion.  Visit a participating business next spring to place your order for 2016!
Participating Businesses Included:

Isle Hardware Hank & Rental
150 West Main Street, Isle
(320) 676-8670

Agnew Hardware Hank
104 Wall Street South, Onamia
(320) 532-3202

Please call us for current information.