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Native Plant Buffers
Filter Runoff
Stabilize Shoreline and Enjoy a Low Maintenance Landscape
Did you know that a shoreline native plant buffer can FILTER 
rain water, stabilize your shoreline, and protect the lake! 

        Why native plants?

Deep Roots:  Native plant roots create a dense and strong system that will hold soil in place.  Normal turf grass roots are generally shallow and cannot hold soil in place against wave and ice action.  Native plants have additional benefits!

​Clean Water: Native Plants help rain water soak into the soil and filter out pollutants.

Provide Habitat: Bees, Butterflies, and other wildlife ust the plants for their nectar, pollen, and seeds.

Native plants help slow down incoming waves and reduce soil erosion.  Once established, native plants do not require watering, fertilizer, pesticides, and lawn maintenance equipment.